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20 Naked-ish Male Photos From the Lens of Harold Mindel


Photographer Harold Mindel managed a top model agency for years, and now he gets to expand his vision. Read more below.

A year ago or so we posted Harold Mindel’s gallery of images from his first year as a photographer, rather than as a director of a model agency. They are super beautiful, and the talent he incorporated is stellar. As to be expected. 

In the last year since his portfolio with us, he has started shooting both men and men fashion stories for Cool America Magazine, LaPalme Magazine, Huf Magazine, Ryker Magazine, Eroticco Magazine, and Volant Magazine.

He connected with us again on the anniversary of his first gallery with us: “I have a story that I am just finishing the edit, that I just shot at the end of 2018, my last shoot of the year actually, with a silver leather daddy[…] I have started to shoot men of different ages and looks, to expand on what I shoot with male models, dancers and athletes.”

So included here are the said leather daddy, a gender non-conforming model, a newcomer, and an African-American athlete.

See his first gallery with us here: 
54 Clean-Cut Shots From the First Year
Harold Mindel decided after 28 years as the director of Click Models in New York to pick up the camera, round up some talent, and shoot his own damn photos.

See more of his work on his website and Instagram.

Credits for the leather daddy shoot:

Nasty Pig, Cellblock, Marcuse, Clint and Doug Rubberwear (vintage), David Spada (Metal Vest)/(vintage), Leatherman,  Harley Davidson, and Levi’s

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