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Before Jeff Bezos, The National Enquirer Had a Long History of Scandals With Powerful People


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2019: Jeff Bezos

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When Bezos launched an investigation into how the paper got those exchanges, he says AMI threatened to publish them unless he and his lawyer publicly stated that they “have no knowledge or basis for suggesting that AMI’s coverage was politically motivated or influenced by political forces.”

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2017: Harvey Weinstein

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AMI was also allegedly part of Harvey Weinstein’s operation for discrediting women whom he feared would accuse him of sexual assault and the journalists who were trying to expose those allegations, as revealed in an explosive New Yorker piece last year. Ronan Farrow reported that AMI’s chief content officer, Dylan Howard (also named in the Bezos post) gave Weinstein information on Rose McGowan that could discredit her potential accusations against Weinstein. Last night, Farrow tweeted that he and another journalist received similar blackmail threats from AMI when he was investigating the Trump story.

2017: Richard Simmons

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The former fitness star-who has been largely out of the public eye since 2014-unsuccessfully sued the Enquirer for publishing a story in 2016 alleging he had “undergone shocking sex swap surgery” and was now living as a woman. Simmons sought damages for multiple counts of libel and invasion of privacy, but lost his case, and was ordered to pay the paper nearly $130,000.

2007: Tiger Woods

Photo credit: Montana Pritchard/PGA of America – Getty Images

As reported in a 2010 Wall Street Journal piece, in 2007, after Enquirer reporters obtained photographs allegedly showing Tiger Woods engaged in an affair, he agreed to a Men’s Fitness cover story in exchange for killing the story (Men’s Fitness is also an AMI title). AMI denied the Journal’s allegations, and Pecker declined to comment to the Journal. Ironically, it was the Enquirer who broke the explosive story in November 2009 that Woods had an affair with Rachel Uchitel. Woods crashed his car shortly after that story broke, and the scandal deepened as over a dozen women came forward claiming to have had an affair with him.

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