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Equinox Trainer’s 30-Minute Full Body Muscle-Building Workout


If you’re working out to build muscle but feel like you don’t have enough time in your day to eke out some gains, you’re not alone.

That’s why Equinox Master Instructor Gerren Liles, N.A.S.M-C.P.T., created the 30 Minutes to More Muscle program. The sessions aren’t overly complicated, and you won’t need to jump across the gym from one piece of equipment to the next to work your whole body — you’ll be constantly moving in one spot to make the most of your time.

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For four weeks, you’ll exercise for 30 minutes, three days a week. The circuit-based routines are designed to help busy guys optimize the time they get in the gym (or at home). The workout stacks up simple yet effective movements at a rapid-fire pace to burn fat, build muscle, and chisel you into a fitter, stronger version of yourself.

30 Minutes to More Muscle

Week One

Perform this session on three days this week.


Perform each move for 20 seconds

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Butt Kicks
  3. High Knees
  4. Squats
  5. Walkouts
  6. Low Lunge w/ Twist
  7. Downward Dog Pushup
    1. Workout

      Perform each exercise for 50 seconds. Rest for 10 seconds after each exercise. For 1 through 4, you’ll need a pair of medium-weight dumbbells.

      1. Squats
      2. Kneeling Row
      3. Floor Press
      4. Reverse Lunge
      5. Knee Tucks
      6. Squat Jumps
        1. After completing the full circuit, rest for 1 minute. Repeat the process twice more, for three full rounds.

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