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Feng Chen Wang Selects MENAJI for New York Men’s Fashion Week


“MENAJI products delivered a clean canvas which captured the essence of Feng Chen Wang’s energetic, modern design…with grooming and skincare products to help men reveal their inner confidence.”

MENAJI was back in NYC with top designer Feng Chen Wang at New York Men’s Fashion Week. Creators of the first grooming line to incorporate both healthy skincare and cosmetics for men (inclusive of the iconic Urban Camouflage® corrective concealer and Hi-Def HDPV pressed powder), MENAJI has been the #1 choice for male celebrities, models and athletes since 2000. Recently MENAJI attracted the attention of the UK-based Chinese designer Feng Chen Wang, who chose the top selling men’s skincare line for her bold and experimental SS’19 NYFW Men’s collection.

Ms. Wang’s show was billed as an “exploration in human connection.” As she continues to break new ground with bold, innovative design for technical and functional outerwear, MENAJI helped complete her dynamic vision. Colorful fabrics and futuristic accessories combined to create a visual sensation when worn by a broad spectrum of male models – a perfect fit for MENAJI’s all inclusive color palette. Feng Chen Wang’s recent collaboration with iconic male brands such as Levis, Converse, and NIKE (her models walked this show in cool over-the-top Converse sneakers) introduce a modern twist to classic male accessories to deliver a very wearable look.

Pamela Viglielmo, President of MENAJI, says, “MENAJI products delivered a simple, clean canvas which captured the essence of Feng Chen Wang’s energetic, modern fashion design. Her collection represents a man who is whole in mind and body, comfortable with self expression, and open to the future of men’s fashion. MENAJI’s broad color palette provides easy to wear men’s makeup in multiple shades, along with grooming and skincare products for today’s male to reveal his inner confidence.”

MENAJI ​is thrilled to with ​great talent like Feng Chen Wang ​and is already looking forward to New York Men’s Fashion Week​ — ​Winter 2019. As men’s fashion events demand high definition products that deliver a natural look to a diverse audience, MENAJI will continue to help designers express their vision.


MENAJI Advanced Men’s Skincare is a world-class men’s grooming brand, specializing in fast-acting shave and skincare products plus corrective cosmetics made with natural botanicals for men-only. MENAJI provides the ideal regimen for men with problem-solving solutions that break the mold. MENAJI is Made in the USA and sold in America and overseas in more than 20 countries. For more information, please visit http://www.menaji.com, or follow MENAJI @MenajiSkincare on Twitter, @menaji_skincare on Instagram or Menaji Advanced Men’s Skincare on Facebook. Or contact media@menaji.com.

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