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Fiji Water Girl Goes Viral at Golden Globes 2019


If you made a New Year’s Resolution to drink more water, the 2019 Golden Globes delivered a mascot to cheer you on your journey.

Meet the Fiji Water Girl, an anonymous, ever-present force on the award show red carpet. Though Lady Gaga stopped traffic with a periwinkle train and Timothée Chalamet invited a jaunty Louis Vuitton bib along for the ride, it was the woman passing out bottles of Fiji Water to crowds of celebrities, publicists, and assorted people employed by the greater entertainment industry who stole the show.

She stood placidly behind Judy Greer on the red carpet, and photobombed Tony Shalhoub. Her blue dress matched the label of Fiji Water, which is a sponsor of the Golden Globes. Yet even other sponsors — like the person I am now calling the Moët Man, whose job was passing out tiny bottles of Moët & Chandon — couldn’t conjure up the breathless coverage that the Fiji Water Girl generated thanks to her beguiling looks.

I needed to know more, so I did what any intrepid millennial would do: I began stalking her on Instagram relentlessly. The Fiji Water account came up empty, as did the official account for the Golden Globes. But fate and the algorithm will provide, and I found her on the Instagram Story of Rom Bokobza, a writer and producer at Condé Nast. He met model Kelleth Cuthbert on the red carpet at the show, and asked her if she knew photos of her were trending on Twitter.

“It’s calculated,” Kelleth replied.

So please, gaze with me upon these images of my new hero, the elusive water provider, Kelleth Cuthbert, the Fiji Water Queen.

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