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Google Maps: street view captures shocking bubble gum alley | Travel News | Travel


Google Maps is a useful tool for holiday makers wanting to suss out their destination before they travel.

However, it’s not just beautiful beaches and resorts that can be found using the street view tool.

Since 2005 Google has been spanning the globe pin pointing strange tourist hotspots.

This street in California is one of those spots and for a very sticky reason.

Referred to as “Bubblegum Alley” this tourist attraction is located downtown in San Luis Obispo.

The 15-foot high and 70-foot long alley is lined top to bottom with used chewing gum.

Surprisingly the street is popular amongst Tripadviser members with over 750 having left a review.

One member, elf12015, even went so far to add “Disgusting to most, but a must see in this small college town. Best to do as part of a scavenger hunt.”

Although another member, WEL05, wasn’t quite so impressed: “Imagine a walkway between two buildings with walls covered with gum and saliva… Not an inviting place to walk.”

The story for the chewing gum alley is still hazy, although there are reports from the city’s historical society that say it was formed by school children in the 50s.

Fortunately, thanks to Google’s handy street view tool, you no longer need to take a trip down saliva alley.

Google lets you wonder down the alley virtually, but would you want to visit?

However, it’s not just the strange streets that have captured the public’s interest, Google users can now explore one of America’s deadliest streets.

Skid Row in Los Angeles – a small part of the town – is home to many without a job or place to live.

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The LA Times recently reported that local police have logged 1,051 violent crimes in the area and 2,787 property crimes.

Street view enables viewers to explore the area with many of the street’s inhabitants captured by Google’s cameras.

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