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I can stay without sex for a whole year – Chidinma Anyah


By Ayo Onikoyi

The importance of sex in a marriage and relationships have been over emphasized over the years and there seems to be a consensus that it is the bedrock of any conjugal union.   Many women have even boldly stated that they cannot stay in a sexless relationship, with some putting time frame on how long they can abstain from sex.

•Chidinma Anyah

But for on-the-rise Nollywood star, Chidinma Anyah, she believes the foundation of a good relationship shouldn’t be built on sex.

“Sex can ruin a relationship. To me, the foundation of any good relationship shouldn’t be built on sex or maybe I should speak for myself because I don’t really like sex. Sex is not something that just comes to my mind. I can as well stay a whole year without sex,” she said in a chat with Potpourri.

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The Mass Communications graduate of University of Benin is a drop dead gorgeous beauty who is quietly holding her own in the movie industry. Although she hasn’t produced any movie of her own, she  has featured in top notch movies like Banana Island, Hard Fate, Solo and Martins, The Stupid Ghost, among others.

Lithe and slightly built and beautiful with a mannequin kind of shape, many will agree that Chidinma qualifies as a sexy woman but she’s a type who holds different opinions on different matters.

“Sexy comes with an attitude of confidence and being comfortable in one’s body while beautiful people may be natural beauties. Sexy men and women usually put efforts into their appearance. Being sexy means unabashedly owning one’s sexuality and the effect you have on the opposite sex,” she said when asked to explain what being sexy means to her.

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