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Instagram Facebook Were Down For 8 Hours And It Was Like The Great Depression For Millennials


The worst thing that could ever happen, happened. Instagram and Facebook were down for over eight hours. Yeah, the internet went through a dark time today.

But, at least we were all in this together. Both the websites were down for everyone across the globe and not one particular area was being personally victimized. 

What do you do when two of the biggest social media websites are down? Turn to a third social media website, of course. Who wants to go and experience the world like people did before internet and social media?

Twitter became everyone’s knight in shining armour and everyone flocked to the site to complain about the other two sites. But, since it’s Twitter, the complains soon turned into jokes and memes because that’s just what you do on Twitter, okay.

#Instagramdown and #Facebookdown started trending soon, right on track. 

It was a good time to take shots at the website.

That gif tho.

Twitter people are superior.

So many personal problems.

Their careers are over now.

At least that was still working.

That video is horrifying.

So inconvenient.

Send thoughts and prayers.

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They wish.

Kartik Aaryan

Photo: © Nickelodeon (Main Image)

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