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Lindsey Pelas 2019 Calendar: Exclusive First Look


Lindsey Pelas wants to make your 2019 a little hotter with her new calendar, and Brazil BUM BUM has your exclusive first look at the barely SFW cover. 

Dubbed “Wet,” the steamy annual is a totally soaked affair that gives last year’s “Nearly Naked” a run for its money. After enjoying exclusive photos in the gallery above, see the first image from “Wet” below: 

Lindsey Pelas Wet  (1)

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“I knew the only way to top being naked was being wet, so this year I made a “Wet” calendar,” Pelas told Brazil BUM BUM. 

“I was inspired by famous shots of Kate Upton and the sexy whipped cream scene in Varsity Blues. I even rented a dunk tank.”

“Instagram’s Ultimate Southern Belle” shot at hot spots in and around LA with photographer Martin Depict. You can look forward to seeing Pelas hit eye-popping poses in a multi-million dollar Beverley Hills mansion, a famous Hollywood motorcycle shop and a Marina Del Ray pier. 

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