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Models Wearing Bikinis – See All The Sexy Swimwear Shots – Hollywood Life


Supermodels like Gigi Hadid have been slaying summer by spending as much time as possible in their swimsuits. From Greece to Los Angeles, these stars will rock a bikini just about anywhere in the middle of July.

Supermodels and bikinis go together like peanut butter and jelly. Seriously, try to think of a top model who hasn’t posed for a photoshoot or snapped a selfie while wearing a swimsuit. It’s impossible. Kendall JennerAshley Graham, and more stunning models practically live in their bathing suits – and now that it’s July, the frequency of their bikini shots on Instagram will only increase.

If you follow Emily Ratajkowski on social media, then you know full well that the Gone Girl star loves herself some swimwear. Within the past two weeks alone, she’s shared 10 different pictures of herself in various bikinis and one-pieces. Does she even own clothes during the summer or does she ship out her entire closet and replace her wardrobe exclusively with polka dotted swimsuits? Honestly, if I were as genetically gifted and modeled for a living, that is 100 percent what i would do.

But there are some models who are known more for their fashion than what they rock at the beach. Gigi Hadid, for example, is no stranger to donning a striped blazer and matching pants in June – but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t escape to the sea every once in a while. At the end of last month, Bella Hadid‘s older sister took a trip to Greece where she was photographed in a tiny red bikini with her back to the ocean.

I’ll admit that these pics give me some major FOMO. Why can’t we all hang out in Mykonos and ignore our real world responsibilities? Oh well. Head up to our gallery to escape into a summer trance of models and swimsuits as you imagine yourself on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean. Close enough, right?

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