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Muscle Endurance Workout That Targets Every Part Of Your Body


If you’re looking to recruit every part of your body in a single workout, we have you covered. 

This workout from 98 gym will test every muscle in your body, alternating between the aerobic and anaerobic energy system.

Read on if you want to be a complete athlete.

Not only will the 40-minute workout below crush you and shed fat, you’ll keep shedding for hours after. 

Research published in the journal Sports Medicine found that HIIT training increases metabolism even well after finishing your workout. They reckon this is down to increased post-exercise oxygen consumption ( usually referred to as the afterburn).

This workout will attack both your lower body in the run, your upper body in the SkiErg and recruit your entire body through the kettlebell swings (KB).

You’ll notice in plenty of their workouts, SkiErgs have become a key component. And there’s good reason for it. 

The SkiErg is a low-impact exercise that allows you to increase intensity without forcing the body to manage the stress of its own weight. That’s a great option if you want to reduce risk of injury.

The great thing about SkiErg, just like any aerobic and anaerobic exercise, is you get what you put in. Intensity depends on how hard you’re willing to go.

Teams of 3 (Indian File)
30 Rounds

20 cal SkiErg
20 KB Swings 32kg
200m Block Run

*Every 5 minutes full team rest for 1 minute. 
Quickest 39:00 (inc rest)

Keen for more 98 programming? You can join the program online at 98gym.com.


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