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‘Power Shoot’ a chance to build photo portfolio


The fashion scene in the Capital Region is growing and Sylvia Robinson Jordan hopes to help with that upward trend. 

From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, the designer is inviting Capital Region residents to the first “518 Magazine Power Shoot,” where modeling hopefuls and business owners have a chance to build their portfolios. 

“I’m bringing my journey back home,” Jordan said. 

She’s been designing avant-garde clothes for three decades after jump-starting her career in Albany. Her creations aren’t meant for everyday wear; she doesn’t necessarily even sell them — they’re meant to be seen on the runway and for fashion editorial shots. 

“My clothing is art,” Jordan said, adding that she considers a woman’s body her canvas.

Her work has been seen on runways across the country and in many magazines. 

A few years ago, she moved to Georgia, but she’s temporarily back in the 518. While she’s here, she’s offering a high-fashion experience to Capital Region residents.

People who are hoping to get into modeling and need to build their portfolio will have a chance to do that for only $60. There will be several professional photographers there, as well as stylists and hair/makeup artists. 

It’s far from the first time she’s organized an event like this. As the head designer of Four Queens Productions, she’s been creating and holding events like this for years, though this is the first time in Schenectady. 

“Most power shoots are incredibly expensive and they’re out of reach for the average person,”  said event manager Melissa Guinan.

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Most models starting out will pay upwards of $300 to build a portfolio. “These models can create everything [they need] in one day,” Guinan said. That includes comp card photos, headshots and more. Each model is required to bring two looks or outfits with them, though Jordan will also have many of her own clothes if models want to wear those. 

“You’re going to get three shots from each photographer,” Guinan said. 

Good for kids, too

It’s open to kids and adults of all ages and can be an especially good deal for kids who are going into modeling or acting, like Guinan’s daughters. Their portfolios need to be updated frequently, which can rack up the cost. Her daughters will be at the Power Shoot helping other kids learn to pose and to feel comfortable in front of a camera. 

There will also be stylists on hand to help with each look, which can make the difference between a pretty good shoot and a phenomenal one. 

“Our team is amazing,” Guinan said. 

That’s not to say that the day won’t be daunting for some who are just starting out. 

“People think that models just sit, smile and get their pictures taken. But they’re going to find out what it takes,” Guinan said. However, there will be professionals and experienced stylists, models and photographers to help out every step of the way. 

That includes help from the event’s creative director and Albany model Maryika Stubbs. 

“I’m there to ensure that every shot looks great, that not a hair is out of place,” Stubbs said.

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Models may also have a chance to wear the clothes of Jordan and Chavez Gibbes, a local fashion designer, and possibly be featured in a magazine. 

“Sylvia puts each model in their own world. When she picks something for you, it’s not because she thinks it’s going to look nice on you, it’s because she thinks you’re going to be able to wear that outfit so well that only you would look good in it,” Stubbs said. 

However, the Power Shoot is not only for up-and-coming models. Guinan said that several business owners have signed up to get new headshots and other photos for their business. 

How to sign up

People can sign up for a spot online by finding the event page on Facebook, listed under 518 POWER Shoot. For the safety of the models, the location of the Power Shoot will be disclosed only once they are given a time slot. 

Some of the event’s proceeds will go to HBCU College Tour, which brings prospective students to tour historically black colleges and universities. 

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