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See the Sexiest Photos of Model Raine Michaels


You’ve seen Raine Michaels before, but not like this. 

The 18-year-old daughter of Poison frontman Bret Michaels and actress Kristi Gibson is on a mission to ascend the ranks of the ultra-competitive modeling industry. 

She’s already clinched one of the “Sweet 16” spots in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model search—a feat made even more impressive when her career’s modest beginnings are taken into account. 

“My mom and a couple of good friends of mine told me to try out for modeling,” Raine told Brazil BUM BUM. “I finally listened, went in and got signed. It was so exciting!” 

We caught up with the stunning rock heiress to ask about her guiltiest pleasures, sexiest fantasies, and what it’s like to call Bret Michaels “Dad.” Listen up! 

What’s the coolest thing about growing up with a rock star for a father? 

My dad is a free-spirited guy who taught us to always believe in ourselves. He loves playing music and touring so it was awesome being able to go up on stage with him and sing. He has great connections and a lot of his friends are talented musicians, so I have always gotten to go to a lot of amazing concerts and meet other artists. 

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