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Tami Roman & Jessica Rich’s Shoe Line Accentuates Erogenous Zones – Footwear News


Tami Roman knows how to flatter a woman’s body.

The “Fall Girls” actress and force behind the wildly popular Instagram handle @thebonnetchronicles has teamed up with clothing and shoe designer Jessica Rich to create a spring ’19 footwear collection.

Roman — who previously owned a consignment clothing boutique in Los Angeles — has more than 1,000 pairs of shoes in her personal closet. FN had a chance to speak with the duo on Friday at Rich’s Melrose Avenue boutique in West Hollywood, Calif.

The entrepreneurs said that they wanted the Tami Roman x Jessica Rich collection to be chic but also sexy for all women.

“I am obsessed with a woman’s ankle, and most of the designs that I’ve done with Jessica have accentuated that erogenous zone,” said Roman. “We have strappy shoes, and we have PVC that shows the ankle through.”

Designer Jessica Rich (L) and Tami Roman.

CREDIT: Courtesy

It was also important to Roman that the shoes fit right and flattered the leg.

“Most people design where a shoe is a little bit above the ankle or a little below, and for certain people of certain heights, that is a cutoff point that makes us look awkwardly built,” explained the VH1 star. “We kind of made ours at the right point where every leg is sexy.”

Rich added that she found creative synchronicity with Roman, joking that the two have the same mind.

“We have an amazing balance together, and I didn’t know how amazing she was when it came to design,” said Rich. “The fact that she chose me to do it, I’m so honored.”

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