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The Top 5 Sexiest Bikini Models To Follow On Instagram For Milan Fashion Week


As New York Fashion week wraps up, the sexiest bikini models and designers are hopping on planes and making their way to Italy for Milan Fashion Week. With only days separating the events, the fashion world stays in a state of perpetual high gear to pull off another major set of shows. While many may wonder how it is possible to have so many of the same houses using the same models doing shows so close together, the answer is new lines. As big as the NYFW is, no one spends all their bullets in one show. They space them out over weeks at shows around the world, debuting something new for one audience, and something else for another.

According to the schedule at Milan Fashion Week Online, for bikini lovers, or lovers of bikini models, Milan Fashion Week will not disappoint. Miranda Kerr is a history-making model as the first Australian Victoria’s Secret angel. Kerr is known as an ageless wonder, as her looks have not changed all that significantly over her more than a decade spent atop the modeling world. While Kerr doesn’t walk as many shows per year as she once did, she usually doesn’t miss the biggies, and she always walks for the biggest houses around. She has an Instagram feed that nearly 12 million people agree is a good one to follow.

Milan is known for some designs that are exceptionally unique, and while good-looking on the runway, not practical in the real world. The other major thing it is known for is the bikini show. New lines are unveiled for the coming year, and as is true of much of the week, some designs are practical, and others are sometimes little more than “duct tape and dental floss.” Whatever the design is, Melissa Satta-Boateng is in demand to wear it, as she is heavily regarded as one of a handful of top bikini models in the world.

Moschino is always on hand in Milan to give some old school designs upgrades, per Bikini, while Les Copains will likely bring something out that looks normal, but blends fabrics together that no one would normally consider for a bikini. Don’t be surprised if Izabel Goulart walks for either, as she is one of the queens of the fashion week bikini, and a fun account to follow on Instagram whether it is fashion week or not.

Elena Santarelli is a staple of the major fashion weeks, and although she is more known for Haute Couture, she has done plenty of work in lingerie and bikinis. Her Instagram feed is full of shots from her personal life mixed with plenty of behind the scenes shots from her shows and shoots.

Finally, Italian model Cecilia Capriotti is one of the top Instagram accounts to follow for Milan Fashion Week. With multiple daily shows and headliners at night, MFW will be busy as ever, and new lines of swimwear will be a daily event. Keeping tabs on these accounts should keep anyone wanting to follow the action up to date and thoroughly entertained.


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