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Watch Steamy Video of Sara Underwood With an Elephant and Wearing Nothing But a See-Through Dress


Sara Underwood has a great job. She pretty much just travels to some of the most fascinating tourist destinations on the planet then lights them up with her sexy charisma. 

We’ve highlighted her account as the best nude travel Instagram, and we mean that. She has yet to prove us wrong.

Her remarkable video as well as the related photo aren’t just about sex appeal, though. Sara doesn’t just travel the world to be—for a moment—the most beautiful part of the landscape. She believes strongly in environmental causes, including the fate of her elephant friend. 

In her caption for the series of photos above, Sara writes in part that “this is a Sumatran elephant, and his species is critically endangered, primarily due to rainforest destruction to make room for more PALM OIL plantations. Go into your local supermarket, palm oil will be in over half of the products on the shelves.” What she wants followers to “understand” is that palm oil production destroys homes “for animals/indigenous people.” 

Sara goes on to ask her followers to “Be conscious in which products you purchase, do it for the rhinos, orangutans, elephants, tigers, our planet, and your health.”

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