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What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Vendela Lindblom


There isn’t a top model working today with a look quite like Vendela Lindblom’s. 

The Stockholm-born stunner playfully refers to herself as “that bald girl” in her Instagram bio. Gamers will  recognize as the gritty female face of the “In the Name of the Tsar” expansion pack for the acclaimed WWI-themed first-person shooter Battlefield 1.

Her versatility in front of the camera is proven by an expansive body of work, which includes campaigns for fashion brands like RVCA and Ivyrevel, an appearance as a lingerie-clad seductress in the music video for G-Eazy’s “Some Kind of Drug,” and the first ever Playboy cover to feature a woman with a shaved head. 

Learn all about Lindblom’s dream date, movie star crush, guiltiest pleasure and much more below: 

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